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Photonic Nanowires: From Subwavelength Waveguides to Optical Sensors郭欣(通讯作者),应义斌,童利民ACCOUNTS OF CHEMICAL RESEARCH26.002
Full-Solution Processed Flexible Organic Solar Cells Using Low-Cost Printable Copper Electrodes李凯,甄红宇(通讯作者),Niu Liyong,方旭,Zhang Yaokang,Guo Ruisheng,Yu You,Yan Feng,李海峰,Zheng ZijianADVANCED MATERIALS15.581
Broadly Defining Lasing Wavelengths in Single Bandgap-Graded Semiconductor Nanowires杨宗银,王德龙,孟超,Wu Zhemin,王勇,马耀光,戴伦,刘小威,Hasan Tawfique,刘旭,杨青(通讯作者)NANO LETTERS14.452
Single Nanowire Optical Correlator虞华康,方伟,伍晓芹,林星,童利民(通讯作者),Liu Weitao,Wang Aimin,沈元壤NANO LETTERS14.452
Ultrafast All-Optical Graphene Modulator李威,陈必更,孟超,方伟,肖尧,李西远,胡志方,徐颖鑫,童利民(通讯作者),Wang Hongqing,Liu Weitao,Bao Jiming,沈元壤NANO LETTERS14.452
Electrical Tuning of Surface Plasmon Polariton Propagation in Graphene-Nanowire Hybrid Structure钱浩亮,马耀光,杨青(通讯作者),陈必更,Liu Ying,郭欣,林时胜,阮驥力,刘旭,童利民,王中林ACS NANO13.774
Local and Non local Optically Induced Transparency Effects in Graphene-Silicon Hybrid Nanophotonic Integrated Circuits于龙海,郑佳久,徐杨,戴道锌(通讯作者),何赛灵(通讯作者)ACS NANO13.774
A nano-plasmonic chip for simultaneous sensing with dual-resonance surface-enhanced Raman scattering and localized surface plasmon resonance林娇,张元,钱骏,何赛灵(通讯作者)LASER & PHOTONICS REVIEWS9.177
On-chip silicon 8-channel hybrid ( de) multiplexer enabling simultaneous mode-and polarization-division-multiplexing王健,何赛灵,戴道锌(通讯作者)LASER & PHOTONICS REVIEWS9.177
Plasmonic and metamaterial structures as electromagnetic absorbers崔艳霞,何应然,金毅,丁飞,杨柳,叶余千,钟硕敏,Lin Yinyue,何赛灵(通讯作者)LASER & PHOTONICS REVIEWS9.177
Ultrabroadband strong light absorption based on thin multilayered metamaterials丁飞,金毅(通讯作者),李博睿,程昊,莫磊,何赛灵LASER & PHOTONICS REVIEWS9.177
Use of tunable second-harmonic signal from KNbO3 nanoneedles to find optimal wavelength for deep-tissue imaging蔡夫鸿,于佳鑫,钱骏,王烨,陈中,黄靖云,叶志镇,何赛灵(通讯作者)LASER & PHOTONICS REVIEWS9.177
Experimental Demonstration of a Multiphysics Cloak: Manipulating Heat Flux and Electric Current Simultaneously马云贵(通讯作者),刘一超,Raza Muhammad,Wang Yudong,何赛灵PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS7.411
ITO/Au/ITO Sandwich Structure for Near-Infrared Plasmonics方旭,Mak Chee Leung,Dai Jiyan,李衎,叶辉(通讯作者),Leung Chi WahACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES5.908
Biocompatible and Photostable AIE Dots with Red Emission for In Vivo Two-Photon Bioimaging王丹,钱骏,Qin Wei,秦安军,Tang Ben Zhong(通讯作者),何赛灵SCIENTIFIC REPORTS5.078
Experimental realization of an open cavity葛潇尘,何赛灵(通讯作者)SCIENTIFIC REPORTS5.078
Extending the scanning angle of a phased array antenna by using a null-space medium孙非,何赛灵(通讯作者)SCIENTIFIC REPORTS5.078
Gold nanoparticle transfer through photothermal effects in a metamaterial absorber by nanosecond laser龚翰墨,杨源清,陈星星,赵鼎,Chen Xi,Chen Yiting,Yan Min,李强,仇旻(通讯作者)SCIENTIFIC REPORTS5.078
Transformation magneto-statics and illusions for magnets孙非,何赛灵(通讯作者)SCIENTIFIC REPORTS5.078
Changes in Topological Organization of Functional PET Brain Network with Normal Aging刘智良,Ke Lining,刘华锋(通讯作者),Huang Wenhua,胡正珲PLOS ONE4.015
Nonlinear Dual Reconstruction of SPECT Activity and Attenuation Images刘华锋(通讯作者),郭敏,胡正珲,施鹏程,胡红杰PLOS ONE4.015
Germanium epitaxy on silicon叶辉(通讯作者),余金中SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF ADVANCED MATERIALS3.87
Graphene-based transparent flexible heat conductor for thermally tuning nanophotonic integrated devices于龙海,戴道锌,何赛灵(通讯作者)APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS3.739
Perfect absorption in ultrathin anisotropic epsilon-near-zero metamaterials钟硕敏,马云贵,何赛灵(通讯作者)APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS3.739
Ultra-broadband terahertz metamaterial absorber朱剑飞,马兆峰,Sun Wujiong,丁飞,He Qiong,Zhou Lei,马云贵(通讯作者)APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS3.739
Ultra-narrow-band light dissipation by a stack of lamellar silver and alumina赵鼎,Meng Lijun,龚翰墨,陈星星,Chen Yiting,Yan Min,仇旻(通讯作者)APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS3.739
Monolithic Germanium/Silicon Photodetectors With Decoupled Structures: Resonant APDs and UTC Photodiodes戴道锌(通讯作者),Piels Molly,Bowers John EIEEE JOURNAL OF SELECTED TOPICS IN QUANTUM ELECTRONICS3.566
An efficient plate heater with uniform surface temperature engineered with effective thermal materials刘一超,姜玮,何赛灵,马云贵(通讯作者)OPTICS EXPRESS3.533
Design and simulation of omnidirectional reflective color filters based on metal-dielectric-metal structure杨陈楹,沈伟东(通讯作者),章岳光,彭涛,张兴,刘旭OPTICS EXPRESS3.533
Dielectric multilayer beam splitter with differential phase shift on transmission and reflection for division-of-amplitude photopolarimeter袁文佳,沈伟东(通讯作者),章岳光,刘旭OPTICS EXPRESS3.533
Eliminating deformations in fluorescence emission difference microscopy游尚挺,匡翠方(通讯作者),荣子豪,刘旭OPTICS EXPRESS3.533
Fabrication of micro-axicons using direct-laser writing黄河,陈施洁,邹红梅,Li Qing,符建,Lin Feng,吴兴坤(通讯作者)OPTICS EXPRESS3.533
Frequency-tunable circular polarization beam splitter using a graphene-dielectric sub-wavelength film陈拓,何赛灵(通讯作者)OPTICS EXPRESS3.533
Graphene coated ZnO nanowire optical waveguides陈必更,孟超,杨宗银,李威,林时胜,Gu Tingyi,郭欣,王德龙,虞绍良,Wong Chee Wei,童利民(通讯作者)OPTICS EXPRESS3.533
Grating-assisted enhanced optical transmission through a seamless gold film王伟,赵鼎,Chen Yiting,龚翰墨,陈星星,戴硕蔚,杨源清,李强,仇旻(通讯作者)OPTICS EXPRESS3.533
Improved 8-channel silicon mode demultiplexer with grating polarizers王健,陈朋鑫,陈思涛,时尧成,戴道锌(通讯作者)OPTICS EXPRESS3.533
Laser absorption spectroscopy of oxygen confined in highly porous hollow sphere xerogel杨林,Somesfalean Gabriel,何赛灵(通讯作者)OPTICS EXPRESS3.533
Long focal-length measurement using divergent beam and two gratings of different periods罗佳,白剑(通讯作者),张金春,侯昌伦,汪凯巍,侯西云OPTICS EXPRESS3.533
Multimode optical waveguide enabling microbends with low inter-mode crosstalk for mode-multiplexed optical interconnects戴道锌(通讯作者)OPTICS EXPRESS3.533
Orthogonal dispersive spectral-domain optical coherence tomography鲍文,丁志华(通讯作者),李鹏,陈志彦,沈毅,王川OPTICS EXPRESS3.533
Performance analysis of blind timing phase estimators for digital coherent receivers黄凌晨,王大伟(通讯作者),Lau Alan Pak Tao,Lu Chao,何赛灵OPTICS EXPRESS3.533
Enhanced broadband absorption in gold by plasmonic tapered coaxial holes莫磊,杨柳(通讯作者),Nadzeyka Achim,Bauerdick Sven,何赛灵OPTICS EXPRESS3.533
Biocompatible near-infrared fluorescent nanoparticles for macro and microscopic in vivo functional bioimaging初立亮,王少伟,李康辉,奚望,赵新元,钱骏(通讯作者)BIOMEDICAL OPTICS EXPRESS3.448
All-optical wavelength conversion and five-channel multicasting for 20 Gbit/s QPSK signals in a silicon waveguide王晓燕,黄凌晨,易可,冯湘莲,高士明(通讯作者)OPTICS LETTERS3.119
Beam wavefront dynamical compensation by aberrations of the gain medium in laser amplifiers for beam quality improvement刘崇(通讯作者),王毅,叶志斌,赵智刚,项震OPTICS LETTERS3.119
Birefringence compensated silicon nanowire arrayed waveguide grating for CWDM optical interconnects邹俊,夏翔,陈冠廷,郎婷婷,何建军(通讯作者)OPTICS LETTERS3.119
Extremely small polarization beam splitter based on a multimode interference coupler with a silicon hybrid plasmonic waveguide管小伟,吴昊,时尧成,戴道锌(通讯作者)OPTICS LETTERS3.119
Focused laser lithographic system with sub-wavelength resolution based on vortex laser induced opacity of photochromic material魏震,白剑(通讯作者),徐建锋,王晨,Yao Yuan,胡内彬,梁宜勇,汪凯巍,杨国光OPTICS LETTERS3.119
High-order microring resonators with bent couplers for a box-like filter response陈朋鑫,陈思涛,管小伟,时尧成,戴道锌(通讯作者)OPTICS LETTERS3.119
High-sensitivity optical biosensor based on cascaded Mach-Zehnder interferometer and ring resonator using Vernier effect江先鑫,陈阳晴,于放,唐龙华,李明宇,何建军(通讯作者)OPTICS LETTERS3.119
Low-loss ultracompact transverse-magnetic-pass polarizer with a silicon subwavelength grating waveguide管小伟,陈朋鑫,陈思涛,Xu Peipeng,时尧成,戴道锌(通讯作者)OPTICS LETTERS3.119
Low-power-penalty wavelength multicasting for 36 Gbit/s 16-QAM coherent optical signals in a silicon waveguide王晓燕,黄凌晨,高士明(通讯作者)OPTICS LETTERS3.119
Nonreciprocal phase shift caused by magnetic-thermal coupling of a polarization maintaining fiber optic gyroscope张登伟(通讯作者),赵宇翔,Fu Wenlan,Zhou Wenqing,刘承,舒晓武,车双良OPTICS LETTERS3.119
Optimized grating as an ultra-narrow band absorber or plasmonic sensor孟力俊,赵鼎,阮智超,李强,杨源清,仇旻(通讯作者)OPTICS LETTERS3.119
Plasmonic sectoral horn nanoantennas杨源清,赵鼎,龚翰墨,李强,仇旻(通讯作者)OPTICS LETTERS3.119
Silicon hybrid demultiplexer with 64 channels for wavelength/mode-division multiplexed on-chip optical interconnects王健,陈思涛,戴道锌(通讯作者)OPTICS LETTERS3.119
Ultra-compact channel drop filter based on photonic crystal nanobeam cavities utilizing a resonant tunneling effect葛潇尘,时尧成(通讯作者),何赛灵OPTICS LETTERS3.119
Photothermal Enhancement in Core-Shell Structured Plasmonic Nanoparticles李强(通讯作者),张位春,赵鼎,仇旻PLASMONICS3.069
Electric field Monte Carlo simulation of focused stimulated emission depletion beam, radially and azimuthally polarized beams for in vivo deep bioimaging蔡夫鸿,何赛灵(通讯作者)JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL OPTICS2.945
Visualization of the ocular pulse in the anterior chamber of the mouse eye in vivo using phase-sensitive optical coherence tomography李鹏(通讯作者),丁志华,倪秧,Xu Baishen,赵晨,沈毅,杜持新,姜波JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL OPTICS2.945
Characterization and application of a metallic tungsten electrode for potentiometric pH measurements文一章,王晓萍(通讯作者)JOURNAL OF ELECTROANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY2.909
A surfactant-free co-assembly route to fabricate 2D TiO2-WO3 composite inverse opal films for photochromic applications甄红宇(通讯作者),李衎NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY2.837
All-fiberized SBS-based high repetition rate sub-nanosecond Yb fiber laser for supercontinuum generation华大成(通讯作者),苏建加,崔巍,颜雅茜,姜培培LASER PHYSICS LETTERS2.783
Electromagnetically-induced-transparency plasmonics: Quantum-interference-assisted tunable surface-plasmon-polariton resonance and excitation沈建其(通讯作者)PHYSICAL REVIEW A2.729
Generation of multimode squeeze operators and multipartite entangled states for continuous variables孙红(通讯作者)PHYSICAL REVIEW A2.729
Hourly Variations and Potential Sources of Airborne Trace Elements in PM10 in Four Representative Regions of Southeastern China叶华俊(通讯作者),Yang Kai,Jiang Xuejiao,Niu Lili,Hua Daozhu,Li Dan,Shi ShuiheAEROSOL AND AIR QUALITY RESEARCH2.537
Half-Wave-Coupled Ring-FP Laser With 50-Channel 100-GHz-Spaced Wavelength Tuning武林,胡志鹏,廖晓璐,何建军(通讯作者)IEEE PHOTONICS JOURNAL2.353
Influence of film thickness and nanograting period on color-filter behaviors of plasmonic metal Ag films胡晓琳,孙理斌,史斌,叶鸣,徐越,王连升,赵俊, H.-J,吴衍青,杨树敏,邰仁忠,Fecht,李晓龙,张冬仙(通讯作者)JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS2.259
Strong and weak confinement of parity-time-symmetric acoustic surface wave沈建其(通讯作者)EPL2.112
Beam Profile Evolution and Beam Quality Changes Inside a Diode-End-Pumped Laser Oscillator叶志斌,赵智刚,潘孙强,张翔,王春华,亓云轩,刘崇(通讯作者),项震,葛剑虹IEEE JOURNAL OF QUANTUM ELECTRONICS2.046
Fabrication of High Precision Self-Aligned V-Grooves Integrated on Silica-on-Silicon Chips时尧成(通讯作者),张磊,陈朋鑫,何赛灵IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS1.96
One-Step Leapfrog ADI-FDTD With CPML for General Orthogonal Grids王向华(通讯作者),尹文言,Chen ZhizhangIEEE ANTENNAS AND WIRELESS PROPAGATION LETTERS1.954
A lateral differential confocal microscopy for accurate detection and localization of edge contours王轶凡,匡翠方(通讯作者),修鹏,李帅,郝翔,刘旭OPTICS AND LASERS IN ENGINEERING1.948
Automatic inspection system of surface defects on optical IR-CUT filter based on machine vision刘岩,余飞鸿(通讯作者)OPTICS AND LASERS IN ENGINEERING1.948
Dispersion engineering of suspended silicon photonic waveguides for broadband mid-infrared wavelength conversion李希斌,周萍,何赛灵,高士明(通讯作者)JOURNAL OF THE OPTICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA B-OPTICAL PHYSICS1.938
3D dual-virtual-pinhole assisted single particle tracking microscopy马也,王轶凡,Zhou Xin,匡翠方(通讯作者),刘旭JOURNAL OF OPTICS1.92
Optical manipulation of biological particles using LP21 mode in fiber陈施洁(通讯作者),黄河,邹红梅,李晴,符建,Lin Feng,吴兴坤JOURNAL OF OPTICS1.92
Electrical Modeling of Three-Dimensional Carbon-Based Heterogeneous Interconnects刘云帆(通讯作者),赵文生,雍政,方圆,尹文言IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NANOTECHNOLOGY1.838
Laser printed fiber microlens for fiber-diode coupling by direct laser writing邹红梅,黄河,陈施洁,Li Qing,符建,Lin Feng,吴兴坤(通讯作者)APPLIED OPTICS1.676
Astronomical image denoising by means of improved adaptive backtracking-based matching pursuit algorithm刘千顺,白剑,余飞鸿(通讯作者)APPLIED OPTICS1.676
Automated discrimination between digs and dust particles on optical surfaces with dark-field scattering microscopy李璐,刘东,曹频,谢世斌,李阳,Chen Yangjie,杨甬英(通讯作者)APPLIED OPTICS1.676
Color-tuning method by filling porous alumina membrane using atomic layer deposition based on metal-dielectric-metal structure杨陈楹,沈伟东(通讯作者),章岳光,叶志杰,张兴,李衎,方旭,刘旭APPLIED OPTICS1.676
Common-path and compact wavefront diagnosis system based on cross grating lateral shearing interferometer凌曈,杨甬英(通讯作者),岳秀梅,刘东,Ma Yifang,白剑,汪凯巍APPLIED OPTICS1.676
Effects of spectral discrimination in high-spectral-resolution lidar on the retrieval errors for atmospheric aerosol optical properties成中涛,刘东(通讯作者),罗敬,杨甬英,苏林,Yang Liming,黃寒璐,沈亦兵APPLIED OPTICS1.676
Fiber-solid, hybrid, single-frequency laser (100 W) with a 100 MHz repetition rate and 1 ns pulse width from a spherical aberration compensated four-stage Nd:YVO4 amplifier张翔,王毅,刘斌,王春华,项震,刘崇(通讯作者)APPLIED OPTICS1.676
Freeform surface off-axis illumination design with the Monge-Ampere equation method in optical lithography张雅琴,吴仍茂(通讯作者),郑臻荣APPLIED OPTICS1.676
Gas-self-filter-based erbium-doped fiber loop laser for gas detection郭凯凯,Lou Xiutao(通讯作者),阎春生,梅亮APPLIED OPTICS1.676
Isotropic superresolution imaging for fluorescence emission difference microscopy游尚挺,匡翠方(通讯作者),荣子豪,刘旭,丁志华APPLIED OPTICS1.676
LED surgical lighting system with multiple free-form surfaces for highly sterile operating theater application刘鹏,张雅琴,郑臻荣(通讯作者),李海峰,刘旭APPLIED OPTICS1.676
Method to improve beam quality by compensating spherical aberrations in master oscillator power amplifier laser systems叶志斌,王毅,赵志刚,刘崇(通讯作者),项震APPLIED OPTICS1.676
Non-null annular subaperture stitching interferometry for steep aspheric measurement张磊,田超,刘东(通讯作者),师途,杨甬英,吴函烁,沈亦兵APPLIED OPTICS1.676
Reverse optimization reconstruction of aspheric figure error in a non-null interferometer刘东(通讯作者),师途,张磊,杨甬英,种诗尧,沈亦兵APPLIED OPTICS1.676
A contour calculation method for rapid freeform reflector construction with ellipsoid patches庄振锋,余飞鸿(通讯作者)OPTICS AND LASER TECHNOLOGY1.653
A modified Richardson-Lucy algorithm for single image with adaptive reference maps崔光茫,冯华君(通讯作者),徐之海,李奇,陈跃庭OPTICS AND LASER TECHNOLOGY1.653
An axial displacement measurement relying on the double-helix light beam胡倚天,李帅,匡翠方(通讯作者),修鹏,葛剑虹,刘旭OPTICS AND LASER TECHNOLOGY1.653
Optimization design of hybrid Fresnel-based concentrator for generating uniformity irradiance with the broad solar spectrum庄振锋,余飞鸿(通讯作者)OPTICS AND LASER TECHNOLOGY1.653
Synthesis and photovoltaic properties of star-shaped triphenylamine molecules with donor-acceptor unit as core甄红宇(通讯作者),Liu Jungen,Hou Lintao,Jia Tao,Li Qi,Hou QiongJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN ELECTRONICS1.584
A Three-Dimensionally Isotropic and Perfectly Vacuum-Impedance-Matched Negative-Index Material沈建其(通讯作者)JOURNAL OF THE PHYSICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN1.578
Total Reflection Enhancement in an Incoherent-Gain Prism Coupler towards Optical Switches and Photonic Transistors沈建其(通讯作者)JOURNAL OF THE PHYSICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN1.578
Portable instrument to measure the average luminance coefficient of a road surface陈新,郑晓东(通讯作者),Wu ChunhaiMEASUREMENT SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY1.576
System for absolute measurement of electrolytic conductivity in aqueous solutions based on van der Pauw''s theory张冰,Lin Zhen(通讯作者),Zhang Xiao,余翔,魏佳莉,王晓萍MEASUREMENT SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY1.576
Comparative Study on Multilayer Graphene Nanoribbon (MLGNR) Interconnects赵文生(通讯作者),尹文言IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY1.498
Optimized Conformal FDTD (2,4) Method for Calculating Reflected and Diffracted Electromagnetic Fields of Perfectly Conducting Wedges袁翔,尹文言(通讯作者),王向华,胡骏,金婧IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY1.498
A 3D Aligning Method for Stimulated Emission Depletion Microscopy Using Fluorescence Lifetime Distribution王轶凡,匡翠方(通讯作者),李帅,郝翔,许迎科,刘旭MICROSCOPY RESEARCH AND TECHNIQUE1.483
Attenuation characteristics of the guided THz wave in parallel-plate ferroelectric-graphene waveguides顾晓强,尹文言(通讯作者),Zheng TingOPTICS COMMUNICATIONS1.468
Dispersion-sensitive surface plasmon wave assisted by incoherent gain沈建其(通讯作者)OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS1.468
Distortion correction in surface defects evaluating system of large fine optics王世通,刘东(通讯作者),杨甬英,陈晓钰,李璐,严路,成中涛,沈亦兵OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS1.468
Double freeform surfaces design for laser beam shaping with Monge-Ampere equation method张雅琴,吴仍茂(通讯作者),刘鹏,郑臻荣,李海峰,刘旭OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS1.468
Extended range phase-sensitive swept source interferometer for real-time dimensional metrology沈毅,丁志华(通讯作者),颜扬治,王川,Yang Yaliang,张雨东OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS1.468
High-sensitivity microfiber strain and force sensors李威,胡志方,李西远,方伟,郭欣,童利民(通讯作者)OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS1.468
Influence of structural parameters to polarization-independent color-filter behavior in ultrathin Ag films孙理斌,胡晓琳,徐越,吴青峻,史斌,叶鸣,王连升,赵俊,杨树敏,邰仁忠,H.J.Fecht,蒋建中,张冬仙(通讯作者)OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS1.468
Investigation of self-adaptive LED surgical lighting based on entropy contrast enhancing method刘鹏,王会会,张雅琴,申俊飞,吴仍茂,郑臻荣(通讯作者),李海峰,刘旭OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS1.468
Multi-narrowband absorber based on subwavelength grating structure杨陈楹,沈伟东(通讯作者),章岳光,赵鼎,刘旭OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS1.468
Nanonization of poorly water-soluble drug clobetasone butyrate by using femtosecond laser潘孙强,Takebe Gen(通讯作者),Suzuki Masumi,Takamoto Hisayoshi,葛剑虹,刘崇,Hiramatsu MitsuoOPTICS COMMUNICATIONS1.468
Optical responses of planar composites consisting of monolayer graphene sheets and axially helicoidal (bi)anisotropic films顾晓强,Wang Si-Yi,尹文言(通讯作者)OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS1.468
Propagation losses in gold nanowires李西远,郭欣(通讯作者),王德龙,童利民OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS1.468
Sub-diffraction imaging with confocal fluorescence microscopy by stochastic photobleaching王轶凡,匡翠方(通讯作者),蔡欢庆,李帅,刘伟,郝翔,葛剑虹,刘旭OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS1.468
Terahertz wave responses of dispersive few-layer graphene (FLG) and ferroelectric film composite顾晓强,尹文言(通讯作者)OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS1.468
A study of atmosphere perception of dynamic coloured light王会会,罗明,刘鹏,杨洋,郑臻荣(通讯作者),刘旭LIGHTING RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY1.413
Investigation on thermo-mechanical responses in high power multi-finger AlGaN/GaN HEMTs张瑞,张文生,尹文言(通讯作者)MICROELECTRONICS RELIABILITY1.206
Nonlinear effect of the structured light profilometry in the phase-shifting method and error correction张万祯,陈浙泊,夏彬峰,林斌(通讯作者),曹向群CHINESE PHYSICS B1.142
Compact gain-switching linearly polarized high-power Yb pulse fiber laser魏凯华(通讯作者),蔡双双,姜培培,华大成,颜雅茜,吴波,沈永行LASER PHYSICS1.075
Arbitrary three-dimensional polarization control based on cylindrical vector beams and binary phase coding江云珊,匡翠方(通讯作者),李帅,刘旭JOURNAL OF MODERN OPTICS0.937
Real-time super-resolution imaging by high-speed fluorescence emission difference microscopy荣子豪,李帅,匡翠方(通讯作者),许迎科,刘旭JOURNAL OF MODERN OPTICS0.937
Automatic geometrical calibration for multiprojector-type light field three-dimensional display陈贝石,钟擎,李海峰(通讯作者),刘旭,徐海松OPTICAL ENGINEERING0.847
Absolute measurement system for low electrolytic conductivity of aqueous solutions based on van der Pauw''s theory using a flow-through cell张冰,Lin Zhen,Zhang Xiao,余翔,王晓萍(通讯作者)ACCREDITATION AND QUALITY ASSURANCE0.788
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Line-field parallel spectral domain optical coherence tomography and its application in defect inspection赵晨,陈志彦,丁志华(通讯作者),李鹏,沈毅,倪秧ACTA PHYSICA SINICA0.75
Ultrathin metallic subtractive color filters based on surface plasmon primitives吴青峻,吴凡,孙理斌,胡晓琳,叶鸣,徐越,史斌,夏娟,蒋建中,张冬仙(通讯作者)ACTA PHYSICA SINICA0.75
A penetrable interactive 3D display based on motion recognition苏忱,夏新星,李海峰(通讯作者),刘旭,匡翠方,夏军,王保平CHINESE OPTICS LETTERS0.743
Evaluation of small suprathreshold color differences under different background colors汪哲泓,徐海松(通讯作者)CHINESE OPTICS LETTERS0.743
Integral colorimeter based on compound LED illumination袁琨(通讯作者),严惠民,金尚忠CHINESE OPTICS LETTERS0.743
LED-based spectrally tunable light source with optimized fitting袁琨(通讯作者),严惠民,金尚忠CHINESE OPTICS LETTERS0.743
Multi-projector-type immersive light field display钟擎,陈贝石,李海峰(通讯作者),刘旭,夏军,王保平,徐海松CHINESE OPTICS LETTERS0.743
A software-compensation method to orthogonal magnetic field drift in a depolarized fiber-optic gyroscope张登伟(通讯作者),赵宇翔,舒晓武,车双良,Zhou Wenqing,Fu Wenlan,刘承OPTIK0.73
A type of spectrophotometer with both SCI and SCE measurement structures袁琨,严惠民(通讯作者),金尚忠OPTIK0.73
An absolute phase to world coordinates method for the defocusing structured light shape measurement system张万祯,陈浙泊,张汝婷,林斌(通讯作者),曹向群OPTIK0.73
Impacts of appearance parameters on perceived image quality for mobile-phone displays宫睿,徐海松(通讯作者)OPTIK0.73
Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensing Technology and Bioanalytical Instrument王晓萍(通讯作者),洪夏云,詹舒越,黄子昊,庞凯PROGRESS IN CHEMISTRY0.63
Detail Preserving Exposure Fusion for a Dual Sensor Camera陈阔,陈跃庭(通讯作者),冯华君,徐之海OPTICAL REVIEW0.603
Effect of Idler Absorption on Efficiency of Optical Parametric Oscillators张翔(通讯作者),王春华,叶志斌,亓云轩,刘崇,项震,葛剑虹OPTICAL REVIEW0.603
All-optical logic OR and AND gates for NRZ-OOK signals based on four-wave mixing in a silicon waveguide胡沛然,谢彦乔,王晓燕,严强,高士明(通讯作者)JOURNAL OF NONLINEAR OPTICAL PHYSICS & MATERIALS0.462
A new parallel meshing technique integrated into the conformal FDTD method for solving complex electromagnetic problems郭旸,王向华,胡骏(通讯作者)JOURNAL OF ZHEJIANG UNIVERSITY-SCIENCE C-COMPUTERS & ELECTRONICS0.399
Solution-processed bulk-heterojunction organic solar cells employing Ir complexes as electron donors甄红宇(通讯作者),Hou Qiong,李衎,Ma Zaifei,Fabiano Simone,Gao Feng,Zhang FenglingJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 
Silicon-based on-chip multiplexing technologies and devices for Peta-bit optical interconnects戴道锌(通讯作者),Bowers John E.NANOPHOTONICS 
A General Method for Designing a Radome to Enhance the Scanning Angle of a Phased Array Antenna孙非,张帅,何赛灵(通讯作者)PROGRESS IN ELECTROMAGNETICS RESEARCH-PIER 
A Third Way to Cloak an Object: Cover-up with a Background Object孙非,何赛灵(通讯作者)PROGRESS IN ELECTROMAGNETICS RESEARCH-PIER 
Experimental Realization of Strong DC Magnetic Enhancement with Transformation Optics刘珂鑫,姜玮,孙非,何赛灵(通讯作者)PROGRESS IN ELECTROMAGNETICS RESEARCH-PIER 
Realizing Flexible Ultra-Flat-Band Slow Light in Hybrid Photonic Crystal Waveguides for Efficient Out-of-Plane Coupling张健豪,时尧成(通讯作者),何赛灵PROGRESS IN ELECTROMAGNETICS RESEARCH-PIER 
Surface Plasmon Resonance Phase-Sensitive Imaging (SPR-PI) Sensor Based on a Novel Prism Phase Modulator叶高翱,杨薇,江黎,何赛灵(通讯作者)PROGRESS IN ELECTROMAGNETICS RESEARCH-PIER 
Transformation inside a Null-Space Region and a DC Magnetic Funnel for Achieving an Enhanced Magnetic Flux with a Large Gradient孙非,何赛灵(通讯作者)PROGRESS IN ELECTROMAGNETICS RESEARCH-PIER 
Electric and magnetic dipole allowed transitions of atoms for three-dimensionally isotropic left handedness in a mixed atomic vapor沈建其(通讯作者)PROGRESS OF THEORETICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICS